Kayaking “Elements” Series (4 Parts)



Prerequisites:             None

Course length:            3 hours each class.

Class ratio:                  1 instructor: 10 participants.

Location:                     Class setting


Climate and Weather

Learn their influence and effects for boating

Learn about global systems, influencing factors, wind, fog, warm and cold fronts, using VHF radio weather reports, forecasting and more.


Compass and Navigation

Know where you are going and how to get there

Learn about latitude and longitude, maritime charts and their use, rules and regulations and more.


Tides and Currents

Discover forecasting and use of Tables

Explore what influences tides and currents, forecasting, Rule of 12ths, 50 / 90 Rule and more.


Trip Planning

Understand what needs planning and how to do it

Know how to plan a trip, what to take, how to pack, what a trip plan is and more.