Paddle Canada Level 2 Skills

Certification Course


Provides the skills and knowledge for proficient kayaking in moderate conditions, on overnight trips along a moderately exposed shore with frequent easy landing opportunities.



Paddle Canada Level-1 Skills certification or equivalent skill and knowledge.

Experience: At least 3, one day long, kayaking trips in different locations.

Wilderness First Aid (16 hours) with CPR strongly recommended.


Course length:            4 days including 1 overnight.

Class ratio:                  1 instructor: 4 participants.

Location:                      Moderately exposed coastline with frequent easy landing opportunities.

Conditions:                  Moderate winds (12-19 knots), combined sea state less than 1-metre with a moderate sea state. Surf < 1 meter.   Current < 3 knots.



Activities focus on the practical skills for overnight trips. Well-developed skills such as a strong forward stroke, effective bracing, maneuvering in waves and current, rescue skills including rolling and towing are necessary. Activities that show control and confidence can include: paddling through narrow rocky channels with small waves or current or traversing moderate tidal races. At this level the participant must also engage in judgement, planning and navigation tasks relevant to an overnight trip along a diverse and moderately exposed shoreline.


In the case of a candidate with significant prior experience, knowledge and evident skill, assessment of Level-2 skills for certification may be conducted in a 2-day practical assessment. An overnight camp must be included.




Rescue skills


Assisted rescues

Unassisted rescues

All in rescue





Paddling skills


Forward/reverse stroke

Sweep forward/reverse

Low/high brace turn

Draw/sculling draw

Low/high brace

Bow/stern rudder






Journeying and seamanship


Kayaking resources