GEARLAB OUTDOORS Paddles & Products

Mike Gilbert and BC Kayak Centre are the Canadian Sales Representatives for GEARLAB OUTDOORS.

Kalleq Greenland Paddle – $438.00 US or $610.00 Cdn.

Standard black. Lengths of 210, 220 & 230 cm. Our top of the line greenland paddle. ** In stock

Kalleq Blitz Greenland Paddle – $438.00 US or $610.00 Cdn.. **Limited Edition lightning decaling. Just introduced to the Greenland world. Only 50 available! Be one of the few to own this eye catching design. Kalleq means lightning so we have just worked to bring its true personality out a bit more. Just as with our “Sea Shepherd” design, these will go quickly.

**Sold out

Akiak Greenland Paddle – $348.00 US or $485.00 Cdn.

Colours of black, orange and red. Lengths of 210, 220 & 230 cm. ** In stock

Malik Greenland Paddle – $188.00 US or $265.00 Cdn..

Malik carbon fibre shaft – $238.00 US or $330.00 Cdn..

220 cm. length only. ** In stock

Pikati (norsaq) – $68.00 US or $90.00 Cdn.

Black only. Improve your roll. ** In stock

Paddle Port – $14.00 US or $19.00 Cdn.

Protect your blades and kayak. ** In stock

Pro Tek (blade) Tips – $25.00 US or $35.00 Cdn..

Tip replacements. Let your blades look new again while still providing pure protection. ** In stock – all models

Custom Fibre Ferrule – $50.00 US or $70 Cdn..

Turn your 1 piece wooden greenland into and easily transported or stored 2 piece. Brilliant! ** In stock

Deck Pod – $79.00 US or $110.00 Cdn..

Simply an award winner. A low silhouette that carries the gear you need at hand but securely kept. Check out the newest colour it comes in – Ice Blue. **In stock – both colours

New Paddle Bag – $49.00 US or $69.00 Cdn..

Provides protection for your paddle in a light, compact and versatile bag. Hand grip or over-the-shoulder leaving both hands free to carry the rest of your gear. ** In stock at the end of September

Single Paddle Bag – $33.00 US or $46.00 Cdn..

Simple protection for your blades at a modest cost. A must have. ** In stock

Double Paddle Bag – $39.00 US or $55.00 Cdn..

Provides the protection you want for multiple paddles. We all need a spare paddle. Is it an Akiak or a Malik? ** In stock

Paddle Float – $49.00 US or $68.00 Cdn..

Visibly great for solo re-entries with a paddle float; or practicing your roll; or needing a pillow at night (put it inside a GEARLAB t-shirt to cut down on the reflective glare)! ** Designed to meet current safety requirements for both Greenland style and Euro blade paddles. ** In stock

GEARLAB Decals – $9.00 US or $14.00 Cdn. / set of 4. ** In stock

GEARLAB Hat – $30.00 US or $42.00 Cdn..

Comfortable double peak protection which dries quickly and stores easily. Tried and tested. ** In stock

GEARLAB T-shirt – $30.00 US or $42.00 Cdn..

The signature GEARLAB Outdoors logo is screen printed on a soft, 100% cotton crewneck t-shirt for comfort and style everyday. ** by order