Intermediate & Blend Strokes



Gather new paddling strokes and find out how to begin blending them for instinctual response.


Option of learning or advanced practice from the following list:


Forward Stroke

Reverse Stroke

Sweep Stroke (forward and reverse) – with edging

Draw Stroke (standard, sculling and hanging / moving)

– bow draw; stern draw; hanging draw

Emergency Stop (4 strokes)

Rear Rudder

Bow Rudder (same side and cross)

– This is a powerful turning stroke for bringing the bow around quickly. It’s a great stroke for avoiding obstacles.



Other Strokes

Cross Bow Jab

Bow Rudder

Cross Bow Rudder

Stern Rudder – low and high angles

Low Brace Turn

High Brace Turn

Colorado Hook

High Wind Turn Technique


Recovery Strokes

Bracing (low and high)

Chest scull to draw recovery